Plug-ins integrate with your CMS or webshop directly and provide the best integration with MyParcel. Most of them require little to no technical knowledge to install and configure.

SDKs (Software Development Kits)

An SDK can be used to quickly integrate with our API and skip a lot of the work that comes with manually developing an API integration.

Plug-in Development Kit (PDK)

The MyParcel PDK is how we develop our own plug-ins. The PDK provides a lot of the boilerplate code needed to create a plug-in and allows us to focus on the integration itself.

API integrations

These integrations can be installed and configured in our Backoffice and add the ability to import shipments from your platform(s) into ours.


The following items are utilities you can use together with other integrations. The Chrome Extension provides a way to quickly create shipments from any website and can be useful regardless of whether you use any other integrations. Our Delivery Options module is already integrated in many of our plug-ins.

Missing your favorite language or platform?

Build your own integration and share it with us!