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Get started with MyParcel

You've come to the right place to create a connection with MyParcel. No matter what connection you need, we're here to help you make it easier. Here are all the ways you can make a connection with MyParcel and your webshop.

Create a MyParcel account

  1. Login or create an account on the MyParcel backoffice
  2. An API key can be generated in Shop Settings -> Integration. You need this to connect to MyParcel.

Connecting your CMS

To connect with a CMS, look for it on our Integrations page and read the respective guide. The guides contain in-depth instructions on how to install, configure and use each integration.

If you have any plugin questions, you can contact our IT support department through support@myparcel.nl.

Connecting with the MyParcel API

First, you should check SDKs to see if we have an SDK for the programming language you want to use. In case we do, it can help you get a head start on integrating with MyParcel, as most of the hard work is already done.

If you still wish to create a custom integration, follow these steps:

  1. Get your API key from the MyParcel backoffice.
  2. Follow the authentication instructions.
  3. Check out our API reference for examples and instructions on how to use our API and which requests you can make.

If you have questions about our API, you can email support@myparcel.nl, fill in our contact form, or ask our developers directly on Slack.

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