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This is the documentation for the MyParcel.nl Core API. Our API is built in such a way to easily handle bulk operations. We try to follow the REST architecture as much as possible but deviate from it when we need to achieve high performance.

This documentation is applicable to platform 1 (myparcel) , platform 2 (flespakket) and platform 3 (belgie). Keep in mind that some examples will only be applicable to one of those platforms, since there are differences in carriers, shipping options and package types between the different platforms.


If you're using PHP, Node.js, JavaScript, C# or Ruby, we have an SDK available to help you build your integration.

No SDK in your favorite language available?

If you end up making one and are willing to make it open source, please contact us!

Test environment

We currently do not have a test environment. However, you can create an account and print labels freely. They will only be invoiced when you actually ship them.

This does not apply to package-type 4 (digital_stamp), these shipments will always be invoiced immediately.

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